Saturday, September 5, 2009

Semester 2 Conclusion

Sorry ! It's only now that I'm trying to conclude our 2nd semester..

.. although 3rd semester had just ended.

I’m Chen Mun Hong
and here’s a question.

Have you imagine how’s the moment when you’re in the plane to a far destination with a group of your friends? There’s a lot of thing that you can do. You can have your meal or a tea break, playing video games, watch movies, listen to music, chit chat, playing cards, write your own note or diary, looking around wasting time and sleep. However, when it comes to a certain time, you have to leave the plane because it had reached to the destination just like now which everything is over for Semester 2 and that the time that you had captured and treasure it.

We’ve been working hard enough for every assignments, playing a fool in the class, stay up late night to finish up our assignments and even having some madness moment in the class but when it comes to the final of our works, we felt our stress release and relaxing. Enough effort that we put in which get the marks equally.

Design 2, I find it interesting because there are different types of assignments
and also because it is lectured by Lily.
We have been with her for 2 semesters (Design 1 & Design 2).
Everyone is stunned and stares at her whenever she gives her guidance and advice on things.
However, we might still be able to meet her again in the Typography class!

This is Computer Graphic 2 class aka Photoshop class.

Ah! And this is Figure Studies 2. One of the subjects that gives a lot of assignments
but we are never stressed because of Liang Feng's jokes.

I'll never forget Hoean too.
He did helped me a lot and I did not fail in this subject ! XD

When it comes to the dateline of an assignment, we get see and learn from each other’s work which has the impressive outcome or normal outcome or surprising outcome or even some for entertainment ( my figure drawing ).

Some people think that it make them feel stress, some people enjoy doing the assignments and one person get to finish it in 10 minutes time ( it was rejected of course )

HAR ! Come to this, Drawing 2.
Usually I would sleep before starting any of the paintings.
A class with " sleeping pill " environment.

When it's left with 1 hour before the class ends, I'll just rush my painting and pass it up and it was accepted
but of course the quality is equivalent with the time you spend in it.

So this is our calligraphy and letterform class. Our lecturer Pakia!
I would say that this subject is interesting in terms of creating logos and redesigning logos.

And the most important point is that we are able to be in one team together in this 8 months facing every single problems although there’s some conflicts around but we have overcome it.

History of Art 2, we had one of the biggest project which is 1+1=3, a costume design using with 2 art movement applied.

Last but not least, our challenging moment in Language and Communication Skills 2 with Wong Chong Sern in group E1 and Pinky Khoo in group E2.
I miss this subject !

E1 Miss Pinky Khoo

E2 Wong Chong Sern

So, these are the subjects that we studied in Semester 2.
And there's just one more thing.
It is a bad news and also a good news to us
which is Jun Mei is leaving TOA.
It is sad that she's leaving but it is also happy
that she had make her decision.

Therefore, we had a lunch with her along with Jevi.
And we took some photos after the lunch.

The photo below taken as a farewell for TanV after
he "predicted" that he will be failing one of the subjects.

We have another version of this photo.

Farewell, Jun Mei !

However, honestly speaking, I really enjoyed these 8 months.
Starting of the first semester, we looked at each other like strangers
but now we all enjoy together like monkeys!
Fool around in class, do assignments together, joke around during lectures
and even finish our assignment together last minute!

I was chosen as " class crab " and now I'm nothing again
but I'm glad that I can be your " class crab " where everytime lecturer do look for me
when there's " something ".

And also I would like to apologise to any of you if there are any inconveniences.
But we will continue our journey in these blogs!


Concluded by Chen Mun Hong ( Class Crab of CD0901-2 )
Edited by Sueen Thoo

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Costume Day

It was...
the second last day of Semester 2
and also last class for History of Art 2.
Presents you our Costume Design!


Leader : Sunwoo Hyung
Group member : Lee Shen, Tan V, Sam Lai, Timonthy, Alton Lee, Natasha
Art movement : Art Nouveau + Fauvism
Model : Natasha & Sunwoo Hyung

Additional flower by Daniel

The speakers

Natasha the model

Lee Shen & TanV the " MC "


Fooling around during the presentation


Leader : Sueen Thoo
Group member : Chin Yuen, Xin Yi, Kai Xuan, Li Hua, Chun Lam, Kelly
Art movement : Op Art & Happening
Model : Kelly See & Xin Yi
Final Outcome : Youtube Link

Begin with a catwalk

Explanation by Sueen Thoo


Group Name : Gryn Envir
Leader : Lim Kean Woei
Group member : Kah Chun, Kin Meng, Li Hui, Peggy, Mun Hong, Eeling, Rocky
Art movement : Futurism & Street Performance
Model : Chen Mun Hong
Final Outcome : Youtube Link

Scroll Down!

During the presentation

Special Seeds

Daniel's opinion

And lastly group photo, The Gryn Envir!


Leader : Mansoureh
Group member : Jian Hao, Felicia Goh, Shuen Tien, Wai Kin, Desy
Art movement : Minimalism & Performance Art
Model : Mansoureh, Shuen Tien, Jian Hao , Felicia


Fooling around during the presentation, take 2


These are all groups from CD0901-1




Fauvisme + Performance Art


And this is our very last moment during HOA2