Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exploration Week

Semester 2 Exploration Week

- Monday -
Major Talk

- Tuesday -
Letterform and Calligraphy - Presentation

- Wednesday -
Drawing 2

- Thursday -
Design 2 - Field trip @ KLCC Kinokuniya
11.30am start

- Friday -
History of Art 2
9.30am - 11.30am

E1 LCS Class,
12pm start

Friday, June 26, 2009

Heroes of the Day

They're presenting their artwork and meanwhile others no need to present!

Sorry for the blur photos.
Looking forward to Exploration week next week!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


before u go through the picture of your good work,
lets just say a little "thank you" and " I'm proud" to your own self for putting much effort on this assignment..
the most important thing is, we brighten Lily's day. don't we?? :)

Alton's cotton company.

Elaine' s florist.

Hyung' s icecream company.

Lihua' s sushi restaurant. a tooth pick holder.

Rocky's frame company.

Xinyi' s fashion boutique. an emergency sewing kit.

Nathan's sweet company.

Dennis's bao company.

TanV' s recycle company.

Waikin' s gadget chips company.

Kevin's camera studio.

Chinyuen' s art shop.


Sueen' s fahion boutique.

Timothy's animation company.

Huiling's florist.

Daniel's luggage company.

Lihui' s termites company.

Chunlam's optical company.

Kinmeng's puzzle company. where u can ply with the puzzle.

Kaixuan's fashion boutique. key chain toy.

Keanwoei's slimming center. pulling tab pop up is used.

Kelly's chocolate factory. attached with Cabry choc inside.

Peggy's salon.

DADA~~~ -2 class work.

ALL the best for Friday's HOA2 midterm exam.

adios. see ya. :)