Friday, March 27, 2009

Drawing 1-Charcoal & Result.

Its our 1st charcoal lesson!!! Most of us are excited perhaps. aren't you?? =)

Beginning of the lesson was a short briefing by Jevi and CC.
in the middle of the briefing session, we actually gt to know JEVI's full name. which is KCH! we are with him or he are with us for like 3months+ but we only gt to know his real name on tat day. what a class. Haha.

patience n passion

Lecturer Jun Mei curi tulang ! xD Joking joking

Slumber face. lol

Later on, the lecturer and tutors show the way to use charcoal in drawing.

demo demo

demo demo

demo demo

Now, is our turn to SHOW!
People working very hard!

"aiyak. charcoal kena hidung i"

Kinmeng! where u stare at???
Lee shen, not moving. staring at his creation.

Rocky concentrating... dun disturb him..
move on~

Eeling too working very hard.

man.. leeshen still not moving yet.. still staring at his "master piece" =.=

althon working hard on his piece.

hey! its xy's (me)!!!

Ini saya punya. xD (the proud Mun Hong)

Later on, we are called to gather to receive our midterm result.

Jun Mei cakap dia sangat puas hati dengan keputusan kita.

I'm glad Jevi so happy. His smiling face below.

CC also smiling. " Yam siu " x)

"Aplause to every one!"
There is a big imporvement for most of us!
Shall we keep it up.
Do much much much much much much much much much much.....
better in our final test which is the last week of semester!
Gambateh neh!

Then,around 3pm which is our figure critic session. Lead by tutor SS.

Tan V finally show his real identity. xD wakaka

Lastly, no home assignment for today but for those hu still owe drawing's assignment, pls rush ur work and hand in latest by next week!!! u dun wan to fail ur subject kan?? kan! kan?!
btw,there's a lot more assignment to be finish. T.T

And there a news. Don't know it call a bad news or a good news, CC is leaving TOA on May. He is going back to Penang and work in TOA at there. x(

Lets organize a farewell lunch with him. xD said mun hong.
we must organize!!!! 8D said xy.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Assignments in Week 9

Assignment in this week

Finished Art - Mock-up

Figure Studies - 3 Figure drawing

History of Art - Final Presentation

Design 1 - Sketch 5 drawing about " Dream World "

Drawing 1 - 1 Value 1 Outline drawing

Coming more soon! Good luck and keep up! Let work together. =D

Oh yeah, prepare for your Malaysian Studies's mid-sem test tomorrow. xD

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exploration Week

Assignments on Exploration week :
Finished Art - Mock up
Design 1 - Logo
Drawing 1 - 8 Piece drawing
Computer Graphic - 4 Sketches Concert Poster Layout

Drawing 1 assignment's briefing

Splash Time @ Sunway Lagoon
[ 6/3/09 - Friday ]


Drawing 1 Class on Thursday 12/3/09 9.30am-1.30pm
postponed to Friday 13/3/09 1.30pm-5.30pm

Communication Class (E1) on Thursday 12/3/09 2.30pm-4.30pm
postponed to Wednesday 18/3/09 10am-12pm

Communication Class (E1) on Monday 16/3/09 3pm-5pm
postponed to Thursday 19/3/09 3pm-5pm

Last but not least, all the best in your spm result on thursday.

By - Chen -