Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Letterform Presentation 1

For those outsiders who dont know. this is one of the assignment that we are required to do for letter form and calligraphy class.

Here's some photo of the presentation and their works


Felicia Liew - Malay Tribal Motif

Yap Kah Chun - Bottle
Fail to be Blow Water King of the day! XD

Won Chin Yuen - Pine Tree
Blow Water King of the day

Jolyn Wee - Bird

Sueen- Banana

Sunwoo- Seahorse

Kelly See - Doll


Mansoureh - Cat

Kai Xuan - Cactus
" I choose to use cactus because it look spiky and round shape. "

Kean Woei - Hibiscus

Chun Lam - Furniture

Xin Yi - Crab

Wai Kin - Grapes

Hui Ling - bonsai plant

Lee Shen - Great Wall of China
" I choose to use Great Wall of China because I don't want this history to be ignored by this generation bla bla bla "

Sam - Hair

Kin Meng - Vase

Shuen Tien-

Peggy Khor - Rose

Daniel - Tulip flower

Li Hua - Daisy

Tan V - Chimpanzee
" I choose chimpanzee because I like banana "

Chen Mun Hong - Bamboo

Rocky Ang - Grafitti Banana

Then, here's the assignment
Do research on 3 company

Good luck! =D