Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Semester 1- Conclusion

Finished Art
It was the first class in our first day in TOA. The lecturer look fierce or should we said he did look straight when we first saw him but it was not true. He's a nice guy. As what I have read in Xin Yi's post. She's right. William wants everything to be perfect. Not only that but neatness and creativity.

I still remember he use the wheel pop up to phycho me and asked me " Do your work properly..... do your work properly... put more effort.. put more effort.. " Well, quite sometime it works because I remember that.
(said by Chen )

That goes same to others rite?! he will either say "good job" when u did your assignment well or say "come see me tomorrow" when your work gt rejected by him. haha

Well, should we say william is jus a perfectionist. Future AD student! always remember this perfectionist till the rest of ur life!

These photo was taken during the pop up presentation on 13/4/2009

Last minute preparation

and also finishing

Introducing Mr. William

During the presentation

Li Hui's Pop up presentation.

The day where Lee Shen learn a new word, "STACK UP "

The most geng " cui sui " person during that day.

during break
Kelly says, " Yerr, I also want to take " XD
Group photo 1

Group photo 2
And remember, The JellyFish! (dennis munhong)

Communication Skills E1
Chicago Manual.. Non-verbal Communication.. Citation.. OBC.. Plagiarism.. Remember all this for the rest of your life !
Is a fun class here with May-Ann. She always wanted us to be in professional class. So she always " bite " us when we do mistake! xD She's really good. She always be the earliest one to enter the class bcz b4 us, she gt to teach another class. when mayann had finish with the other class, she straight away start our lesson n not even asking for a break. We always fool around in the class and she don't mind at all. Hehe

These photos are taken during the group presentation on 6/4/20009 2009

Group 1 ( Sam Lai [ L ] , Peggy & Tan V )
Group 2 ( Rocky Ang [ L ], Chen Mun Hong, Kok Kin Meng ]
Group 3 ( Shuen Tien [ L ], Leaw Lee Shen & Elaine )
Group 4 [ Anna [ L ], Daniel, Thomas ]
Group 4 [ Thomas ]

during break

Tan Sri V (credits go to xinyi for snaping!) XD

AC Li Hua
AC = Act Cute
(credits go to xinyi for snaping XD)
AC Thomas
Our Memories Moment. Let not forget who we are.

Communication Skills E2
its E2 turn to talk about. well, nth to say much, cz sueen n xinyi had talk about their lecturer which is chongsern sooo much in class... they have jus too much gossip of him till student of E1 get annoy by tat two gossip girls.

lets jus put some words. E2 student is among the best group student with the best learning attitude chongsern had teach all the while. we kinda beat the rest of his student ever since he start to teaching.
this is somthing E2 student should be proud off! lets us not forgetting our beloved wong chongsern who always gt "gek" by Mr.won n wai kin and his teaching. like wat written in the begining of E1. remember those comunication skills!

for more info about lcs E2, proceed to xinyi's blog. XD
(pray hard ppl! so tat next semester, E2 lecturer would still remain as it is!) amen~

Figure Studies 1
Somehow, this class can called " Time Eater ". We have spend more than 3 hours per drawing which is figure drawing. We usually laugh at each other's work which turn someone faces into something funny! XD
(er.. the back sitter in m1, are we pointing at dennis??? haha)(no offence boy!)
(remember the OBAMA's big fans??!!)
First day of Figure Studies 1 - Proportional

These are some work done by us and lecturer.
SS's drawing

Lesson to choose a good figure reference xD
And this, demo by the lecturers
Moment during class.
(do u all realise, huiling dont look into the camera most off the time?)
(u onli noe, if and onli u visit others classmate blog with her photo in)
group pic with CK SS CC

Last but not least
Look alike le? Hehe (begining of the semester)

History of Art and Design
history again?! how would u thought tat there is this subject for us to attend rite?! the name spell it all.. his-story and most of us here doesnt like it. i(xinyi) respect those hu love HISTORY.

However, sooner or later, history of art isnt tat bored rite. its still kinda fun and interesting to get to know more about the greatmaster's master piece. c'mon ppl! we the future designer gt to inspirer by them! :D besides tat, it isnt jus lecture class but there's movie for us to watch. wat movie do u expect when you are attending history of arts??? for sure sumthing relater to arts arts arts and ARTS. haha.Althought it is about history of art, it is quite interesting. and dont you think u noe more about goya now, my fellow friends?

almost the end of the semester, we are asked to set up and exhibition..reinvent the old famous painting and also advertise a product by using another piece of painting. its totally an interesting event for us. think out of a box!

well, hope to see our macho, sexy stephen spoon soon~

One and only group picture with spoon.

fooling around during set up

The exhibition corridor

One of the group's presentation

Another group's presentation


Design 1
" Every assignment need to be hand up in time, if not, no marks for the assignment " said by Lily. That what we always keep in mind. She's really a good lecturer. She was strict with our work. She want us to keep coming out more idea and be creative. Oh ya, one thing she don't like realistic thing. Only ABSTRACT ABSTRACT ABSTRACT !

First day of Design 1 class

Tan V is desperate with his colouring

Color experimenting

He's too shy to show his colour experiment ( but you can see obviously from this picture )

" Design " Portrait


After, Kelly's master piece

Drawing 1
A class which really show a big improvement of our works. The outline, shading, proportional, value and also.. the golden point. These are our " tools " for our future! We should make good use of it. =D

The Golden Point

" Morning " Time

" Night " Time

Demo by the Lecturers

Jun Mei

Chun Chuan

Jevi KCH

Overall, the lecturers really happy with our improvement.

Time to work!

But there's time to relax too. xD

New view set by CD0901-2


Malaysian Studies
Do you have any comments? Well, editor has nothing to say about it.

Computer Graphic Design 1
Same goes to M'sian study. Anything you wanna make a conclusion????

Just leave your message at the chat box, editor will help u to add your comment into this post!

Last but not least, farewell CC. Come back when you're free but don't come back when we come find you. =D

What more can i say? We've had fun, we've enjoyed the company of each other, we've learned a lot, we've been encouraged and encouraging, we talked crap, and, we loved and are loved by each other? Yes, it's been a pleasant time being with me(cd0901-2) right ? XD

Your companionship are deeply missed :D