Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wire Sculpture

This is a class assignment in Design 2!
our LAST assignment. remember?
lets just see wat can cd0901-2 create in 2hr or less then tat.
Two in a group.

Chin Yuen & Kelly ( Sweet Container )

Sam Lai & Chen Mun Hong ( Multi Task Holder )

Rocky & Eeling ( Multi-Task Holder )

Tan V & Alton Lee ( Accessories Box )

Yap Kah Chun & Leaw Lee Shen ( Key Holder )

Sueen & Xin Yi ( Accesories Holder )

Chun Yong & Jian Hao

Kai Xuan & Chun Lam ( Pen Holder )

Li Hua & Daniel ( Chicken Flower Vase )

Peggy & Li Hui (mini basket)

everything are usable! how good are we! LOL. being sarcastic. haha

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recycle Art

Is been some times for not updating this site. sorry for that.

5th of august.
is the day we exhibit our Design 2 Recycle Art at The One Gallery. At the same time, presenting it to lecturer Lily.

So let the picture starts the main topic.
Arrive around 9am for the set up.
What we can see here is, we CD0901-2 do
HELP around :)
Jolyn with her carlsberg :3
Fooling around while setting up

Okay , back to serious wan. Presentation's section I present

group of
natasha, huiling, eeling, kaixuan and chunlam
their selected art works:

Group of
TanV ,Kin Meng,Kah Chun, Chun Yong, Jian Hao

their selected art works:
~ Flower pot ~
~ Table lamp ~

group of
Xin Yi, Mun Yie, Kean Woei, Chin Yuen

their selected art works:
~BBQ pit~

group of
Sueen, Mansi, Sam, Mun Hong, Wai Kin
their selected art work:
lily trying on their chair

group of
Timothy, Sunwoo, Jolyn, Lee Shen
their selected art works:
~water dispenser~
~fruit basket~

group of
Daniel, Li Hui, Li Hua, Peggy, Rocky

their selected art works:

getting compliments from Lily 8D
I now present you the selected art work of maximalism.

Lee Shen's
Kin Meng's

*click on the image to get a larger view n size of it if u wanna save them up